Friday, February 26, 2010

Simon Pearce

For many east coasters Simon Pearce is a household name.  He is a world-renowned glass blower and owns many high-end restaurants.  His workshop in Vermont is a great place to visit and the majority of his collections are named after Vermont towns.  As a Vermont grad and a Vermont bride we received many Simon Pearce pieces that are exquisite.  In fact, our everyday wine glasses are from the Cavendish Collection and are special to us because we were married in Cavendish, Vermont.

The Olympics were the topic of conversation at last night's dinner with B's parents and they asked if I had seen the interview with Simon Pearce and his wife Pia.  When I mentioned I hadn't, they told me that Simon's son, Kevin Pearce, was supposed to be on the US Olympic Snowboarding Team and a favorite for the gold medal.  In training he suffered a brain injury and has been in the hospital since December 31st.   I found this article and was amazed to read more about how extraordinary this family is.  My heart goes out to the Pearce family and we pray for Kevin's fast recovery.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flowers and Fruit!

I love love love the addition of limes to floral arrangements!

We are skiing in Michigan this weekend!  Far far away from spring weather and flowers!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lampshades Galore!

I went to a local lighting store today to see if I could find a chandelier replacement for our kitchen.  It was quite a challenge since what we currently have above our kitchen sink is a two candle, linear chandelier!  I know, hard to even imagine.  Definitely unique and hard to find something similar or something that fits in the limited space.  It brings such character to our kitchen!  We looked and looked and finally the store owner found a group of 3 men in Massachusetts that make custom chandeliers for a fair price!

Then it was on to find the most perfect lampshades...  I can't say I have found them yet but am keeping a folder for ones I love for other rooms in our house...

Monogrammed Lampshades!

Perfect for a little girls room!

Love the toile and fringe!

Simple and soft.
Love the painted look!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Plate Help!

I love love love our Mariposa Bauble everyday dishes and was disappointed when I put one in the microwave for under a minute and saw cracking!  
To avoid this happening again we need some microwave safe plates (just a few) that we can use in the microwave without running the risk of damaging the plate or our well being.  I really wanted to order some monogrammed plates from La Plates (and still will :) but melamine isn't microwave safe :(  

Any suggestions for some cute and bright plates that are microwave safe?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

A very happy valentine's day to you!  Wishing you a weekend filled with love!  We have the honor of attending a baptism on Sunday (B's going to be a godfather:)...what's more filled with love than that?