Friday, January 8, 2010

Navy Tablecloths...Do They Exist?

I am thrilled to have spent the majority of my afternoon in search of a navy blue tablecloth! Who knew it could be so difficult? I tried EVERYWHERE in this town and came to the conclusion that I will just have to order the monogrammed one from Pottery Barn. While it is darling, it will not be monogrammed and delivered by tomorrow night's dinner party! We'll have to settle for a tan one sans monogram.

Also, I have realized numerous times in the past month that I have ordered things without really explaining what I want! I often times expect sales people to read my mind. I walked in to the florist today knowing exactly what I wanted. I told her I would like a short arrangement with all white flowers. I also told her if she wanted to throw a color or two in there that would be fine too. WHAT? No. She has no idea how short I want the vase/arrangement. No idea what flowers I want (yet I am secretly hoping she knows I was thinking peonies and hydrangea) and I could very well get colored roses thrown in...ick. I really need to work on being more specific. Tomorrow at 12pm I will no doubt be shocked by what she puts together...and if I don't like it, it will be entirely my fault. I guess this should be added to my growing list of new years resolutions...

Good news of the day, is that my dining room rug arrived and is 100 times more lovely than I ever dreamed it would be! Thank god, because sending it back would have been a nightmare. I am certain my neighbors had a good laugh as I pushed it out into the snow bank in order to more easily drag it into my house. It's huge!

Have a great weekend!

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