Friday, January 15, 2010

Navy Flats!

A year and a half ago I was coming home from a work meeting in Denver in my beloved navy ballet flats. Having lived in the North my entire life I try to maximize opportunities for sandals. That being said, it was summer time so I had a pair of J. Crew flips in my carry on that I put on after going through security. What a mistake that was! I had left my favorite navy ballet flats in the x-ray machine! Never to be seen again. Ever since, I have been looking for the perfect pair of navy ballet flats. TB is not currently offering navy as an option in their Reva Shop, but, I did find these adorable Sperry ones on RueLaLa.

Just to be safe I ordered two sizes. They arrived while I was away and wore them for the first time today...comfy and cute! I wore them with my Stephanie shift and my navy J. Crew cashmere cardigan!

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