Sunday, April 6, 2008

We're having a party...a lobster party.

Over the past few months I have found myself pleasantly surprised by the many preppy bloggers out there and have decided, I too, would enjoy preppy blogging. For starters, I thought I would chronicle the party I have been planning in preparation of my boyfriend's law school graduation (woohoo!). After twelve years on the east coast I have recently transplanted myself to the midwest and with me brought New England preppiness, specifically, the traditional New England Lobster Boil. Many decisions have been made prior to the start of this blog, so I am going to do my best to play a little catch-up and keep you posted on all the challenges and fun planning a New England Lobster Boil in the midwest can be! Please feel free to comment with ideas and encouragement as frequently as your preppy heart wishes!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

What a fun blog topic! I can't wait to read more! The invitations you have chosen are adorable.

Have a nice week!