Friday, April 11, 2008

A Dog Party!

We have decided our dog, N, needs to be in style for the lobster boil too! We have found the cutest nautical collar (also posted on other preppy blogs) at Harry Barker. We did a little research and a shop, Paws for Treats, in my hometown carries the tomorrow we are headed to visit grandparents and have to stop in to get the pup a new collar for the lobster boil! I am sure everyone has seen the cute grosgrain ribbon type dog collars that are so popular, but unfortunately Mr. N gets out of those via the black snap! Smart dog...I know! Fortunately, the nautical collars are latched with a prong, just like a belt, so we are in business. He will certainly fit right in and won't have to wear anything too over the top! He despises that handkerchiefs they put on at PetSmart/Petco and any other accessories that may cramp his sleeping.

Our party is attracting quite the crowd, and, not necessarily a large crowd of homo sapiens, but appears we may have a small army of dogs to celebrate with us. Many of our friends have become parents to pups recently and potentially we may have our Rhodesian Ridgeback, a pug, a Weimaraner, two Labradoodles and a husky running the beach! I have no doubts they will keep themselves busy and hopefully we can keep then away from the butter dishes!

In my collar investigation I also found the best dog food container I have ever come across, so much better looking than a rubbermaid tote!



Lauren said...

The food containers are adorable! Where did you find them?

JMK said...

At They are listed in the outlet section. Unfortunately the only ones they have left are slightly scratched and dented, but it sure beats what we use now! Have a great weekend!

Haley said...

Absolutely love the preppy collar for N!
You're such a good mommy..

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Love the collar! Too cute!