Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blackboards...just like in the 5th grade

So I have been working on pulling things together for the party and stumbled upon this cute alternative to the cheesy, frat-party red Solo cups (not that I didn't fully enjoy them in my younger years...). We are having a caterer/family friend boil the lobsters and the sweet corn and as I understand it the way he makes his money is on beverages, so we are planning to also get the beer, wine and soft drinks/water from him. I thought the idea of the blackboards on the cups were great and a perfect way for people to remember the details of the party! I love details! Additionally, I was talking with B's grandmother (who tends to keep everything) and she has an obscene amount of blackboards. So, my very resourceful boyfriend is going to cut these large pieces of blackboard/slate, into perfect sized pieces to lay on top of the lobster traps! My idea is to then lay the appetizers on the blackboard and write the name of the appetizer with chalk on the 'tabletop'/blackboard. I am going to place the lobster trap 'tables' on the sea wall, which should be perfect height for serving. So now everything is coming together and the blackboard detail will be carried throughout the entire party!


Libby said...

How very clever and I love the idea of using blackboards as tabletops, Martha has got nothing on you! :)

kristy said...

Just came across your blog! Good luck with your party. Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun -- especially with all your creative ideas!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Such a cute idea!